Our City of Green is your city of dreams

Luxury beauty at its best - standing storeys tall in the fast-growing town of Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, the magnificent four towers comprise of family and studio type units. City of Green spells a home for comfort and opulence with a classic indulgence in modern living. Crafted with you in mind, this city of dreams encompasses vital parts of our daily lives - Business, Leisure, Entertainment and most importantly, Health.

Blend with the serenity of the skies as you sleep, knowing that you are well-secured with our advanced security system, whilst conserving energy and making the world a better place with our cutting edge Solar Energy Powered Water Heater technology. Another wonder to behold is the novel shopping complex built within the vicinity where leisure and entertainment are just a refreshing stroll away.

City of Green's beauty is truly intriguing inside and out, and its blessings remain unchallenged. As you experience this treasure, we humbly welcome you to an exciting and spectacular world that we have all been dreaming of.